CAQC Handbook

Quality Assessment and Quality Assurance

The Handbook is a compilation of Council's policies, procedures, and practices, and is an invaluable resource for post-secondary institutions applying to offer new degree programs in Alberta.

Many of the documents that have been on our website are now included in the Handbook in order to offer an extensive reference guide to CAQC's quality assessment process.

The electronic version of the Handbook is the official version of record.  This protocol will enable timely updates and changes to the text.  Each revision will be dated and recorded in the text and will be included in the Record of Changes at the front of the Handbook.

Council is interested in hearing from users of the Handbook regarding its usefulness and clarity.

Download the CAQC Handbook: Quality Assessment and Assurance, First Edition, with revisions to February 2017 (3.27 MB PDF)