As part of its responsibilities as set out in the Programs of Study Regulation (91/2009), Council monitors degree programs to ensure that its standards of quality continue to be met. Monitoring may take several forms including annual reporting, comprehensive evaluations, subsequent evaluations and periodic reporting. Information on the forms of evaluations, their purpose and the relevant procedures is contained in Chapter 5 of CAQC's Handbook: Quality Assessment and Quality Assurance.

Comprehensive Evaluations

Council normally conducts at least one comprehensive evaluation of an institution offering approved degree programs in Alberta. The first evaluation will occur no sooner than in the sixth academic year after the institution begins offering its first approved degree program. A subsequent comprehensive evaluation may be conducted at Council's discretion.

A guide for comprehensive evaluation teams is posted on the Documents and Forms page of this website. This document will also be of interest to institutions undergoing or preparing to undergo comprehensive evaluations.

Council has scheduled the following comprehensive evaluations:  


Type of Comprehensive

Academic Year

Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD)

First Comprehensive Evaluation