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Updated: Friday, August 22, 2008

May 2008

Expedited Review Process Description

Council has revised its expedited review process description for Alberta institutions.  The document clarifies the criteria to be used for both partially and fully expedited review requests.  Note that an external assessment report as well as the institutional response to it should be included with a request for a fully expedited review.  Council also adopted a similar document for non-resident institutions.  Both documents are available on this web site under Application Process.

CAQC Expectations for Design and Structure of Undergraduate Degrees

After considering input from Alberta Universities Association (AUA), Alberta Association of Colleges and Technical Institutes (AACTI), and the Private Accredited Post-secondary Institutions Council (PAPIC), Council has adopted guidelines with respect to undergraduate business and music degree programs.  These have been added to the full expectations document and are posted on the web site under Documents and Forms.

CAQC Key Operating Principles

Council has added a new operating principle which emphasizes and makes explicit its focus on the best interests of learners when doing assessments and monitoring.  The operating principles are found on the web site under About Council.

Research and Scholarship in Campus Alberta

Council has posted its interpretation of the research and scholarship expectations noted in the Roles and Mandates Policy Framework for Alberta's Publicly Funded Advanced Education System.  Council's interpretation rests on its published 'Academic Freedom and Scholarship Policy' document and the Canadian Degree Qualifications Framework developed by the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada.  The interpretation can be found under Documents and Forms on the web site.

CMEC Quality Assurance Symposium

Council's Chair, Dr. Ron Bond participated in one of the panel discussions at the 27-28 May symposium in Quebec City.  This first QA symposium hosted by the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada was attended by over 100 delegates primarily from QA agencies, governments, and institutions.  In addition to Ron, a representative from each of the AUA, AACTI, PAPIC, Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer (ACAT), and Alberta Advanced Education and Technology were among the invitees who participated.  Ms. Marilyn Patton, CAQC Secretariat Director, continues to Chair CMEC's QA Subcommittee.   

March 2008

Council's Three-year Review

The contractor's report was considered at the February meeting and an executive summary is available at A subcommittee has been tasked with preparing an action plan to address any issues arising from the review. Once the plan has been endorsed by Council, it will also be posted on the website.      

Independent Academic Experts

As noted on the Degree Program Proposal Checklist, normally CAQC requires institutions to include with the proposal the full report(s) of an independent academic expert (or experts) engaged by the institution, as well as the institution's response. This also applies to institutions requesting a fully expedited review (for templates C and D in the case of universities). Please note that these academic experts are not to be confused with CAQC's peer evaluators. To assist institutions in providing direction to these independent academic experts, see the new document providing guidelines for their selection and a sample terms of reference found at .   

Organizational Standards on Faculty and Staff

Council has added employment equity to the list of employment conditions for which policies and procedures are to be in place.      

February 2008

Council's Three-Year Review

At its February 2008 meeting, Council received the contractor's report on the three-year review of its activities. The report was a culmination on feedback from Council members and stakeholders including post-secondary institutions in Alberta. A summary and action plan will be posted on the website in the near future.

January 2008

CAQC Expectations for Design and Structure of Undergraduate Degrees

Council's Expectations for Design and Structure of Undergraduate Degrees' was revised to include the new Bachelor of Technology guidelines approved by Council at its December 2007 meeting.   

September 2007

Expedited Review Process

At its September 2007 meeting, Council amended its criteria for expedited review of proposed degree programs by adding the following clarification: "A request for a fully expedited review will be considered on its own merits: an institution should not assume that Council's willingness to conduct a fully expedited review in the same discipline at one level (e.g., a concentration in a 3-year B.A.) entitles it to a fully expedited review at another (e.g., a major in a 4-year B.A.)" This document is available on this website under Application Process.

Future Meeting Dates

Council is scheduled to meet on the following dates: 11-12 February 2008; 1-2 May 2008; 17-18 June 2008; and 9-10 September 2008.

2006-2007 Annual Report

CAQC published its third Annual Report. The report covers the period April 2007-March 2007 and is available on its website under Publications.      

Appointments to Council

The Minister appointed Dr. Robert Lockwood to the Council for a three-year term. Please see Dr. Lockwood's brief bio on the Council Membership  page. As well, Dr. Mo Watanabe, Dr. Cliff Soper, Dr. Peter Meekison, and Ms. Lucille Walter were re-appointed to Council.   

Policy on Release of Information

After an extensive consultation process with various stakeholders, Council has published its Policy on Release of Information with respect to its review processes and decisions. The document is available on this website under Documents and Forms.   

July 2007

Monitoring of Approved Degree Programs

To ensure that its monitoring process is continuously improving, Council has updated the information about monitoring of its approved degree programs to strengthen the ways in which quality is assured. Section 2.1 of the 'Monitoring of Approved Degree Programs' document has been updated to ensure that Council's standards of quality continue to be met. It can be accessed from the Monitoring page of the website.         

CV Template

The CV Template has been revised to ensure that it is more clear and concise. The amended CV Template can be downloaded from the Documents and Forms page in PDF format.