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Updated: Tuesday, August 04, 2009

March 2009

Working Group on Quality Assurance of Off-site and International Degree Programs: Toolkit for Off-site and Cross-border Delivery of Programs

The Working Group was established to develop tools institutions might find helpful when they are considering offering programs off-campus on their own or in partnership with another institution, particularly if that institution were in another country.  The toolkit of resources includes principles, a checklist and an annotated bibliography.  Please see Toolkit for Off-site and Cross-border Delivery of Programs.

February 2009

CAQC Handbook: Quality Assessment and Quality Assurance

The Handbook: Quality Assessment and Quality Assurance has been added to Council's website as a compilation of Council's policies, procedures, and practices.  It offers an extensive reference guide to CAQC's quality assessment process and is an invaluable resource for post-secondary institutions applying to offer new degree programs in Alberta.  The Handbook is available on this website at CAQC Handbook.

January 2009

Applied Degrees

A section on applied degrees has been added to Council's CAQC Expectations for Design and Structure of Undergraduate Degrees document.  It outlines Council's expectations with regard to program design, outcome emphasis and degree structure for applied degree programs.

Graduate Program Proposal Guidelines and Assessment Standards

Council revised the guidelines for Professional/Practice Based Master's Degrees in its Graduate Program Proposal Guidelines and Assessment Standards document.  Council's expectation for the final examination in such a degree is that institutions may require the student to engage in some independent research culminating in a capstone project or a thesis, examined by a committee.   That independent work may involve original or applied research which supports the advancement of a profession, or a combination.

September 2008

New member

Dr. Peggy Patterson has been appointed to Council to fill the vacancy left when Lucille Walter's term expired in August.  Dr. Patterson, former Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs) at the University of Calgary and former member of the Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer, is currently a professor of Higher Education at the University and a director with the Council for Advancement of Standards in Higher Education.  Further information on members' backgrounds is available at Council Membership.  

Meeting Dates

At its annual retreat earlier this month, Council adopted the following dates for future meetings: 4-5 December 2008, 19-20 February 2009, 14-15 April 2009 (if needed), 16-17 June 2009, and 2-3 September 2009.

August 2008

New members

Two new members have been appointed to Council to replace members whose terms of appointment have expired.  Dr. Greg Moran is our newest out-of-province member replacing Dr. Doug Owram.  Dr. Patricia Clements replaces Dr. Garry McKinnon.  A brief biography of each member is available on this web site under Council Membership .  

What's New feature on CAQC web site

We have added a 'What's New' feature for those who would like to be notified of important updates to the CAQC web site.  This interactive feature is available under What's New.    

Annual Report

Council's fourth Annual Report for the period 1 April 2007 to 31 March 2008 is now available on Council's web site under  Publications.           

Three-year Review and Action Plan

As noted in a previous update, Council conducted a formal review of Council and its operation.  An Executive Summary and Action Plan are now posted on the web site under the Publications menu.  


A glossary of frequently used terms has been added to the  CAQC Expectations for Design and Structure of Undergraduate Degrees document.  The glossary, which is the latest work of the Nomenclature and Degree Programs Subcommittee of Council, explains CAQC's use of the terms although we recognize that usage of the terms may vary among post-secondary institutions in Alberta.